Hi, I'm Marshall!

Me as a fresh PhD

Latest Writing:

With my Math PhD recently finished, I am looking for research opportunities in interpretability of AI systems. In particular, I am looking to understand AI mechanistically with the goal of uncovering the algorithms learned by models like ChatGPT, Claude, or Gemini.

At Tufts University I was advised by James M. Murphy and Abiy Tasissa. My dissertation is entitled Local Sparse Representations: Connections With the Delaunay Triangulation and Dictionary Learning in Wasserstein Space.

I like to read, write, take photos, watch movies, and practice Kyudo.

In the past I attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a double major in math and computer sciences (yes sciences). I was fortunate to have advising from Sigurd Angenent and Dave Anderson.


Contact: marshallm (at) protonmail (dot) ch

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