2022 01 20

I’ve had two mechanical failures on my bike in the past two days. Yesterday both bolts holding the rear of my bike rack fell out. I lost one but one barely hung in and I was able to thread it back in a little bit so its not totally unsupported at least until I get another bolt. This is partially on me for not having long enough bolts, but hey these were the ones that came with the bike rack (or maybe were already threaded into the frame. I don’t remember) and I’m lazy. Today my front derailleur wire either came loose or broke and now I’m stuck in the smallest gear of the front set. It’s not the worst as I can still use it, although my top speed is much more limited now. Anyways, this serves as a good reminder to do maintenance on the systems in your life and to check on all components and not just the ones that require the most periodic care (I clean and grease my chain reasonably often).

In the sense of maintenance for personal affairs you’ll probably have periodic tasks to check in on various components. For example you could have weekly check ins with yourself to see if the past week went how you wanted it to go and what micro adjustments you could make for the coming week to improve. You may have quarterly check ins to see how your larger scale trajectory is going and what adjustments you might need to make to your general time commitments. Yearly check ins may help you evaluate your priorities/principles/values and see if you worked in alignment with them, or maybe found you found that they have changed now. I don’t like scheduling these sorts of things in because I like to do just in time scheduling, but perhaps It would be good to pencil them into my calendar with the knowledge that they are guidelines around roughly the time they should happen and not strict requirements.

Daily Listening Still listened to more Soichi Terada as well as this random EP that spotify recommended, which I have found nice for background listening

Daily Reading Started The Lathe of Heaven which has been interesting so far. I have no idea where it is going so far, but the prose has been very good. The opening few paragraphs were probably some of the best I’ve read in recent memory - really evoked a strong mental image of being floating in a large ocean and being carried by its whims.