I noticed myself today being more self aware about how I was spending my time while working today. In particular being better at questioning if what I was working on right now was related to my ultimate goals, and if not I could redirect myself accordingly. Hopefully this is because I’m writing about it publicly (I always first spell “publicly” as “publically” and I have no idea why) which I do feel creates a sense of desire to act on it. So, if that is the case - thank you subconscious!

It feels great getting back into exercise. I hadn’t done much really until this past week since before my surgery, and I’m very well recovered enough to have no issues no (still astonished at how long a relatively minor surgery took to recover. I bet/hope this will be a thing in the future where our grandchildren will wonder how we could endure such health care. (deeper aside - I can’t imagine being a soldier in times of swords and getting slashed. That would be quite a long recovery!))

I’m unfortunately getting to these too late at night to make my early morning routine work out, so I will need to work on better time management to give ample space to write these. They’re nice brain dumps before bed, but getting 8 hours is very necessary for me!

On request of a friend I will work to make this deliverable to your inbox. Yes I know this is a solved problem on other platforms, so it shouldn’t be too hard to attach some service to do it for me here. Let me know if you have any suggestions, I appreciate the feedback!

Daily Listening Great light music album I listened to today. This track is my favorite as it has a proto-bossa nova vibe to it, which I really dig.

Also listened to this track by Oneohtrix Point Never: Love In The Time Of Lexapro. OPN has some of the most profound song titles that I am aware of. I love how simple this title is and yet how thought provoking it is. Love in the time… being a riff on the novel Love in the time of Cholera. Lexapro being an antidepressant. It’s only six words, but it evokes the idea of this time where we have widespread antidepressant use (mostly seratonin inhibitors like Lexapro) and seems to beg the question of how can there be love in this time? What is that love like? Is anyone happy with their love?

Another track title I love is Tales From The Trash Stratum. It calls to a time in the future where stories are told of this time in the earths history where so much was produced that it became a visible line in the earths strata. Imagine hiking down the grand canyon and being pointed to a this thin strip where if you’re “lucky” you may get your hands on a McDonalds kids meal toy.

Daily Reading I think The Lathe of Heaven is giving me bad dreams (how can a book about a miserable person who’s dreams affect reality not?), so I’m looking forward to finishing it and returning to The Mysterious Island. Was social today so I did not get a chance to read Freedom’s Forge, although I intend to make that a daily read around dinner time during the week.