In typical programming fashion I discovered a minor bug in my experiment running code, so I would need to rerun about a day and a half worth of compute time of experiments. It’s good that I caught it as it will help to clarify the results and overall improve things, but still annoying!

Watched a really interesting Ted Lasso episode today. I am continually impressed by the chances they are able to take as a show in subverting expectations, but in a way that they don’t lose their charm and go off the deep end in a Lynchian manner.

Today also had a great story about a “chair heist”. I don’t want to give too much information away, but my office mate discovered a way to get Herman Miller chairs from another part of campus in a way that we were officially sanctioned to do. So we went out looking for these chairs, found them, and then wheeled them back to our new office to replace our eh new chairs. Must have been quite a sight to all the students walking around campus. If any of them knew the value of the 5 chairs we were moving I think they would have asked us some questions. We “snuck” into the basement of our new building to get onboard the elevator without having to pass through the large and busy atrium (not that it would be problematic, we just wanted to be covert - this was a chair heist remember). It was glorious. In the basement waiting for the elevator one person stopped and looked for a long time at our chairs and made a comment about how much he enjoyed looking at our collection of chairs. I’m not exaggerating when I say it has been one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had in grad school. Now I have an extremely ergonomic chair to use every day!

Daily Listening More great light music, plus revisiting some Spirit of the Beehive: Hypnic Jerks and, my top album of 2021, ENTERTAINMENT, DEATH. FWIW I listen to these pretty regularly, especially the latter. It fits in with Vaprowave as its like the dark extension of it. Vaporwave in today’s world and not the nostalgic utopia it typically inhabits. Not that I don’t like nostalgic utopia! I just really like also distortions of this theme.

Daily Reading Still working on The Lathe of Heaven. Don’t really know where its going still, but its getting quite a bit more dramatic. No time to read Freedom’s Forge unfortunately.