2022 01 28

Spent a good amount of time at the office today doing my last practicum of the week, a panel with first year graduate students, and just generic research work. I got lunch with an officemate and one of the office staff which was a nice time - the math department has a favorite nearby restaurant - Tu y Yo that we like to go to for lunch on fridays, although Covid has complicated matters somewhat. Low-key meals with friends are such a nice thing to do! I hope we can soon go out more easily and without too much fear (not that you have much cause for concern if you’re boosted).

I made a list of things that I would like to accomplish this weekend so I’m hoping to do at least some of them - namely applying for some internships. It’s late in the process for sure, but I also do not need to get one. Just would be nice if a good fit happened to exist. That would help make the transition process from grad school to industry more smooth based on the experience of most of my friends working already.

We’re supposed to get a bunch of snow tomorrow (2 feet maybe!), so I may spend much of the day just enjoying that. A friend recommended an article which recommended the new Peter Jackson Beatles documentary, so I may watch that. I also have been wanting to watch the Macbeth adaptation that Joel Coen (of the Coen Brothers) directed. Perhaps I’ll watch both! Additionally I like to do a yearly viewing of John Carpenter’s The Thing during snowstorms. So, lots of viewing options! We’ll see where my mood takes me, but as always I will start the day with exercise, coffee, and reading.

Daily Listening Listened to even more House mixes, here’s two fave tracks: one and two

Daily Reading Almost done with The Lathe of Heaven