2022 02 02

Not too sore after doing squats yesterday which was a nice surprise. I guess I’m in better shape than I thought or I could have done more! I’m not really sure what science says about whether or not its good to feel sore and how sore you should be in general. It’s probably complicated. I’m definitely feeling a lot hungrier now though, which makes me feel like my body is working as a good machine. Reading about factories and production is definitely getting me to think of my body as a production system.

Wrote out the central problems/questions that we are concerned with in our research right now since I was feeling a little lost in the weeds. Helped me realize that I’ve not been putting up enough and that I should just shut up for a bit and put in the work. I have enough ideas to do little experiments for proof of concept tests and I just need to do them. So that’s the main goal for the rest of the week. Might get a little desk whiteboard to have to write the weekly priorities so that I am always reminded of them, or some displayed flip notepad that is large enough to be unavoidable. I’ve been using a lot of post its to make a checklist of my daily priorities, but seeing the weekly priorities would be nice too. And maybe something for quarter and yearly priorities would be a nice addition too!

Daily Listening Really nice space-disco(?) track - reminds me of this optimistc sounding music that played after the final episode of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. I wonder if I rewatched that today if it would move me in the same way that it did back when I originally watched it.

Daily Reading A bit of Freedom’s Forge - learned that Japan purchased many of its industrial tools from American companies. Odd knowing that some of their war effort was powered by America!