2022 02 03

An image in my mind that has stuck with me from Maui is that of being surrounding by towering objects. Distant islands and volcanos generally dot the horizon for much of the horizon (the north/northeast shore is an exception, but I also spent very little time there and there is still the mountains and volcanos of Maui present in your view). Especially on the west/northwest coasts I had this impression that I was at a meeting grounds of these enormous structures, and all that seemed to be missing was a human made cyberpunk infrastructure of skyscrapers on the island, and perhaps giant space ships hovering in the distance as well to add to the futuristic feeling I was having.

It was interesting to me knowing that I was mostly surrounded by empty ocean, yet I felt like I was contained in a world because of the scale of my surroundings. I’m sure that given more time there it is plausible to develop a sense of being trapped or isolated from the greater world. I wonder if that feeling of wonder at the scale of the mountains and volcanos would turn into a terror and the realization that it is not as big as it seems and you are trapped there. At least I think you could write a psychological thriller that takes on this premise of someone being trapped in an isolated space that feels spacious at first but overtime the isolation takes over and the scale feels all too claustrophobic. Although, from a practical perspective, there are plenty of resources to sustain life for a number of people so it probably wouldn’t end up as my imagined horror.

Daily Listening Didn’t listen to much new music today, just a playlist of impressionism music for background sound.

Daily Reading Been pretty social in my evenings so I only read a little bit of Freedom’s Forge. One thing I learned that was interesting was how many people were against getting involved in the war, and even supplying the Allies. I think its actually not that surprising as who in their right mind would want to get involved in a war, but it seems odd in hindsight having grown up in this world that speaks very highly of America’s actions in the war. Felt like everyone was behind it and perhaps that became more true after Pearl Harbor. Or also maybe later on when the Holocaust became widely known people retroactively felt supportive of the war. Idk, this is just speculation, but it was a fact that was initially surprising to me and I wanted to understand why I felt that way.