2022 02 04

I’ve noticed lately how sometimes I find it very hard to work in the early afternoon and get very sleepy. I’ll basically drift off at my desk and probably fall asleep briefly and then after this I can find great productivity for a few hours. It makes me feel like I should intentionally do something relaxing in the early afternoon, like reading, and then take a brief nap before going back to work. Not really feasible in my current workplace as there is no place to sleep, but it would be interesting to try out a biphasic sleep schedule (which apparently was/is common in various parts of the world).

I’m itching to do some creative/tinkering work, but I don’t really have a good grasp on what to do. This is where I get into a bit of an analysis paralysis of all the potential things I could be doing: piano, ableton, drawing, digital painting, knitting, programming… Perhaps I should just roll a dice or something and go with that just to do something. I want to try drawing the picture in my mind from yesterday so maybe I will use that to guide my decision. Maybe more generically framed: “I should do the thing that is most on my mind at the moment”. This way I can spend more time thinking about it and see whether or not I actually want to think more about it/do something related to it.

Daily Listening

Listened to this new breakbeat/jungle artist: here’s two select tracks: one, two. The beginning of two sounds like it would make for good montage music over F1 racing from the 80s.

Daily Reading

More Freedom’s Forge - atonishing that they made a Liberty ship in ~4.5 days (out of prefabbed parts but still). This record wasn’t sustainable, but they brought the production time down in general from over 200 days to around 30 days! The wikipedia article is pretty interesting and its impressive that they were reliable enough to be successful. Part of the reason they needed to produce them so fast was that this was part of the counter to the U-boat problem. Have so many ships that they can’t sink them all!