2022 02 05

Learned how to start the Supermarine Spitfire in MSFS 2020 by following the checklist. I realized its not that difficult and actually aids the immersion a lot to start up your plane manually and then taxi to the runway. Especially immersive when you are taxiing behind other people playing (since it has multiplayer worlds) and watching them take off ahead of you. It genuinely feels like you are at an active airport while in VR and the sound design is impeccable.

Some fun facts about the Spitfire:

  • Since you can’t see straight ahead while taxiing the standard practice would be to move in S-curves in order to follow the guide lines
  • The canopy would be kept open during takeoff and landings so the pilot could escape more easily if there was an issue (the movie Dunkirk illustrates this)

Daily Listening

The Lawrence Of Arabia Soundtrack

Daily Reading

In Freedom’s Forge I learned how Ford made one of the first mass production systems for a large airplane - the B24 Liberator. To this day it remains one of the most produced planes of any kind. Its factory for assembly was nearly a mile long just outside of Detroit as well.