2022 02 09

Watched Tarkovsky’s Mirror. I did not follow it and did not seem to have any idea of what it was about. Yet, I find myself unable to not think about it. The friend I watched it with pointed out to me how it has been compared to Proust, which made a lot of sense to me as during the film I found my focus often drifting away from the film and thinking about various things in my life and the interconnections between them (a big part of Proust).

Makes me think a lot about the finiteness of life and how our life story is one weird fascinating tangle of a story occupying only a small part in “all time”. I like geology partially for this reason as the stories told are over significantly larger time scales, but are no less interesting. Our lifestyle today is heavily influenced by oil, which was created by events millions of years ago. What will things we do, or become, do millions of years into the future? Who knows, but if a celestial object could write a book I’m sure there would be a fascinating Proustian story to tell (maybe that would make a good short story writing experiment).

*Fun fact *: I learned about this yesterday, but want to document it: it was legal to make wine from “grape bricks” during prohibition, and the instructions about how to do it were given as a warning!

“Aw shucks honey, I left the Vine-Glo in the cupboard for twenty days!”

Daily Listening

A friend recommended this vaporwave collection to me as good background work music. Happy to confirm its effectiveness!

Daily Reading

Freedom’s Forge: Learned that Henry Kaiser was involved in the beginnings of the Spruce Goose!