2022 02 12

Had a pretty chill day. Discussed postmodernism with a friend, but I think I still stand with Chomsky on it. Watched a Formula E race with a friend and then played some video games with high school friends.

Got my shoes for squatting and I can already see how they are useful. By elevating the heel slightly you can keep your balance backwards easier, which makes it easier to keep better form by avoiding leaning forward when getting low in the squat. In my running shoes I couldn’t stay squatted with my feet together without falling backwards, but now I can hold that position! Looking forward to trying them out on Monday.

Daily Listening

Found this new plunderphonics album that captures a lot of lounge/light music vibes that I like really well. Also a MN based producer! The title track is really beautiful.

Daily Reading

Finished Freedom’s Forge so now I’m going to get back to The Mysterious Island! I’ll probably pick up some tbd nonfiction book too. I’m thinking something about how society transformed with the enlightenment and the industrial revolution. In particular what circumstances led to the creation of the consumer economy that we know today.