2022 02 18

Learning a lot about how core strength and balance are so vital for proper squats. Also the mental confidence in your ability to do it! My friend had me lift the bar with 3 plates on either side just to see how it feels standing with it. After that I did 2 plates and tried a partial squat, which felt so much easier after just holding the 3 plates. I think if I had proper coordination I might be able to do 2 plates right now, but I don’t think my mental game is there yet, nor my balance or core strength. I think it basically boils down to: 1) you need to keep the bar back enough in order to have your weight on your heels since thats where you want to be pushing to use your strongest muscles in your legs, 2) tightening your core helps you keep the bar in that position and prevents is from tipping forward. “Collapsing your core” is when your torso starts tipping forward which shifts the weight forward onto your toes and you’re trying to lift with weaker muscles. It feels a little sketchy sometimes pushing with your heels like you’re about to fall backwards, but thats part of the mental game.

Daily Listening

Was listening to this playlist I made where I tried to pick songs that lie within my taste preferences, but are relatively orthogonal to each other.

Daily Reading

Didn’t even manage to finish the chapter of The Mysterious Island before falling asleep!