2022 02 21

Wrote some more scripts to help out my brother reverse engineer some functionality of this game that he plays. I’ve enjoyed having this software project where it is very clear what the outcome should be and that it can be immediately useful for someone to influence what they are doing. I get to write a lot of sophisticated code for my research, but that all feels a little removed from reality for the moment as it is trying to find potential future utility. Perhaps this is just a signal that I am too far removed from the demand-pulls of the research I am working on and that I could be doing better if I interacted with potential end users. Something to think about!

Daily Listening

Revisited some good ol Palm today. Ask me for a good story about seeing them at a concert that Andy Warhol happened to be at too.

Daily Reading

A common phrase in The Mysterious Island is “nothing could be simpler” when referring to some new task that they must do. I don’t think its often true, but I think it’s part of their overall spirit to survive and do more - by believing that everything is straightforward they never pause to think of the difficulty of the work. They just do! I think I could take some advice from that 😅