I have a lot of thoughts throughout the day that I don’t do a good job of jotting down in a way that can be referenced later. The important aspects of such a system are that it is low friction to use in both the entering and retrieval process. Entering notes on my phone in the stock notes app is nice and easy, but they often get cluttered with the other notes that I store there. Vocal recordings would be great, but you can’t always just make a vocal recording whenever you have a thought (in a meeting for example). Plus audio is fairly slow to search through. I do have a folder for ideas in my notes app, but I often find myself ignoring/forgetting its existence. Perhaps getting a note app for the specific use case of jotting ideas would be valuable as it can be an intentional atomic storage place for this specific use case. Retrieval is straightforward as I only see past recollections. I will try this out! The difficult part is to make the habit of actually writing down these ideas. Goal for tomorrow: jot down 1 idea.

Daily Listening

An old classic with some incredible vocal harmonies that inspired Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys.

Daily Reading

Going to read some of The Mysterious Island after posting this!