2022 02 25

Big snowstorm today kept me working at home as they closed campus. This semester my working habits have been about having a relaxing morning at home before heading into school to start work, but this threw a wrench in that and I found it quite hard to transition from relaxing to starting work as they had to happen at the same desk! So my day was not as productive as it otherwise could have been, but it is always nice to have a day to watch the snowfall. There was virtually no wind so the way that it fell was very beautiful. Still made the trek for a weekly lunch with an office mate that was a highlight of my day. The roads were really clear - it would have been easier to bike than it was to walk!

I finished the first episode of The Sopranos last night after having started it few nights ago. It’s weird to me how these shows feel so much longer now than they used to. I plowed through the wire pretty quickly, but I suspect The Sopranos will take me all year - perhaps longer. I think thats fine as these shows are best appreciated with some digestion in the mind, but its a telling signal to me that there have been fundamental shifts in how my life operates so that I don’t have the same free time as I used to. It’s not really all that surprising since you have more obligations as you get older, but it has been a weird sensation to figure out in watching a show like this since I do it so seldomly now.

Daily Listening

This new Saba album has been sitting well with me all day. Come My Way is the highlight for me.

Daily Reading

The Mysterious Island continues to hint at the major happening - I’m guessing that it is coming pretty soon and I had no idea that half the book would go by without it happening. I guess that is partially because the Mysterious Island has this other story that it is telling about how to restart civilization when stranded somewhere with limited tools.