Nice sunny day so I went on a very long walk with a friend around Somerville and Cambridge. It was “warm” at mid-to-high 30s (F) and the sun made it quite toasty. Noticed for the first time some animals carved into some Harvard building that was very cool to see. Celebrated my grandma’s 22.5th birthday (leap year birthday - you can do the math). Talked with two other friends remotely. All in all in good Sunday.

Daily Listening

This Palm song came on my shuffle and I love how they mix the melody with the chaos.

Daily Reading

I learned from The Mysterious Island that there have been many fictional islands and reefs. I was trying to find this other island that were sailing to in the South Pacific, but I could not find it. Searching about it turned up some information about how it is not a real island or reef, but it has showed up on maps as recently as 2005! Another interesting post I found regarding Wachusett in Massachusetts.

Also finished Hagakure. I think it is most interesting from a historical perspective. The philosophy is definitely not the greatest although there are good aspects of it. But the questionable faith for your lord is probably not ideal in practice!