2022 02 28

The uncertainties around the war are becoming a big source of anxiety for me and making it a little hard to focus on what I want to be doing. I had never really considered that a war involving a major power could really happen. It concerns me about what could happen in the future and all of this concern in compounded by my lack of knowledge of the situation and history, since I have no way of judging what are accurate takes about the situation and what are the likely things that can happen. My brain can just go wherever it wants with the headlines I see, which is not great. It’s not ideal, but given that I cannot personally influence the situation I think it is best to try to avoid headlines about the situation to avoid excess anxiety. I try to follow the events through the wikipedia page about the subject, which is a little suboptimal but I’m hoping that its being fairly well moderated and giving just the distilled basic information with no takes or predictions.

Daily Listening

Good modern psych rock album that a friend recommended.

Daily Reading

Didn’t read today cause I watched the bachelor with friends 😬 (a helpful distraction)