2022 03 01

In the continued adventures of office JCC 552 we ventured out to Costco to have their cheese pizza and hot dogs for dinner. Naively, we thought that we should get 2 pizzas since there were 5 of us. Of course we only finished 1 pizza + 1 slice, but that means leftovers for lunch tomorrow! I forgot how much cheese they put on the pizza, its honestly as thick as the crust. I’m really enjoying the continued events our office does and look forward to doing more things with them!

In my experiments in trying to listen to music less in idle times in order to have more idle thoughts: hard to report how well it is working. I haven’t done a great job of writing down ideas on my phone. Once again I’m going to challenge myself to write down one idea today to start the habit building process. Perhaps my problem is partially forgetting that I challenge myself to do this so some sort of reminder will be useful. This is actually a continually tricky point - reflecting on past thoughts and validating that you have made progress towards whatever plan you came up with before. So I think I should think of some ways to do that with less friction. (here I go again with telling myself to do something with no accountability framework!). Perhaps putting something in these like writing the text in some structured way that can be flagged easily by a computer program and then reminded to me at some point in the future or collated in some way to go through. Maybe emailed to me as a list of things that I wanted to think about or work on at the beginning of each week to remind myself what I had been wanting to improve the week prior.

Daily Listening

This is a track I first heard last fall and have mostly associated with getting off of the train I took from Boston to NYC. To me its a beautiful sound that I think of walking with a bunch of other people on an underground train station at Penn Station with the synths at the beginning. It gives me this feeling of excitement and hope for the new adventures to come with visiting a new place.

Daily Reading

Some more of The Mysterious Island. Just continually chipping away!