2022 03 02

Made progress on following up on my initiative yesterday to write down one idea/thought during the day! I had wanted to go for a walk, but I never made the time for that and instead let it happen while cooking dinner. I’ll write it here since I did think it was interesting: I was listening to the soundtrack for the movie Valley of the Dolls which I have not seen, but I enjoy film music from that era as it is a part of the easy listening genre. I was noticing the particular bossa nova influences on it and seeing how John Williams was a composer got me thinking that perhaps always in music the popular artists jump on whatever musical bandwagon is popular at the time. I thought this was a good thing because the musical space is so large that all these people coming onto the bandwagon can present it in new and interesting ways. Since people have diverse tastes its likely that they won’t all like the original verisons of the style anyway and that some newcomer will be more amenable to their palate. I had been thinking earlier in the day about researchers jumping on to hot topic bandwagons and was unsure about if that was a good or a bad thing, but this musical connection helped sway me to believe that it is an overall good thing as each person doing research will have a particular view about the space and problems, which can help provide new insights for future research.

Also just a fun share: this is a fantastic parody of The Twilight Zone and I highly recommend watching it if you have seen any episodes.

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As mentioned, the Valley Of The Dolls soundtrack

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Just some more The Mysterious Island