I was thinking a little bit about how our sense of time seems to have been compressed during the pandemic. It feels as if many memories we should have from all this time that has past are lost and that only some standout memories are what we can recollect. In relation to something I wrote about a little while ago I think because we have spent so much time in the same space that we’ve overused that spaces capacity to store information for us. I’m really looking forward to reading Annie Murphy Paul’s book that talks about things like this under the extended mind hypothesis. Makes me wonder about ways you can extract more from a given space. Changing the furniture, for example, probably provides somewhat of a way to associate new memories as it defines a new era of that space. Perhaps part of what made the MIT radiation lab so productive was its ability to radically restructure their working space by reconstructing walls to fit new collaborations, so each project would have a new space to associate new ideas with. I really think the use of space in producing better thinking is seriously underutilized and that you can gain an advantage in whatever you are doing by thinking about how to use your space more effectively.

Daily Listening

Been thinking about the main theme from Punch Drunk Love a lot lately so I was listening to that a good amount.

Daily Reading

The Mysterious Island is getting really fun with it’s hints about the big discovery of the book and its doing a great job of adding to the “Mystery” of the Island. It’s almost too bad that I already know the mystery of the island because I’ve had it spoiled, but I’m enjoying it a lot nonetheless!