2022 03 04

I’m learning that I need to be a little more cognizant about my energy levels when squatting as I wasn’t able to get back up when pushing my weight limit on one of my reps. I could tell from the rep prior that I likely could not do another and yet I did anyways. I think this can be a good mentality to have, but it’s also good to know your limitations. So long as you can fail safely it is ok to fail and learn from that. Which is also generically good advice!

Had a night of two dinners: the first being for the JCC 552 Fellows program which was a lot of fun, and the second being a dinner party at a friend’s house to break in the new table that he had made. He did a fantastic job with both the table and the dinner, and it was neat to hear about certain design choices he made in regards to the table such as a tapered edge to make it appear thinner than it actually is. It’s always nice to hear someone who is really good at some craft describe their work since they can appreciate all these aspects of it that you, as an outsider, would have no idea to consider. It’s a “glimpse behind the curtain” of another world.

Daily Listening

This great playlist of easy listening that I’ve been coming back to over the past year or so.

Daily Reading

Just a bit more of The Mysterious Island. It’s still great fun to read!