2022 03 06

Watched one of the best films I’ve ever seen today: Drive My Car. Despite being three hours longs I felt that it was exactly the length that it needed to be. The cinematography was incredible and the story was so rich and real that it felt as if I were given extremely intimate views into the characters’ lives. It was incredibly moving too and, despite all the emotionality, it gives a strong positive message. I might try and see it in theaters as I just watched it remotely with a friend on HBO, but it was that good. I am always a sucker for good shots of machines and this film does a great job of that - who wouldn’t want a Saab 900 Turbo after watching this!

Daily Listening

Naturally, the Drive My Car Soundtrack

Daily Reading

The Mysterious Island: I can almost guarantee that the next chapter I read will have the Mystery of the Island revealed, and I cannot wait to see how it proceeds.