2022 03 09

Watched the penultimate Bachelor episodes with friends. They’re fascinating from an anthropological standpoint as you get to try and understand why all these people are here and what their motives are. It seems so obvious that they have no sincere connection and that they’re just acting for some strange motives. Actually the one girl who seemed to have the most sincere motives got booted in a way that really showed the bachelor as a scumbag. It was the most true form I have yet seen of him on the show and it was not pretty. Made me not want to continue watching even just for the spectacle… but of course the allure of the spectacle is too great and I look forward to the finale episodes. Some of the editing in the show was pretty interestingly down and they definitely got artistic with how they weaved interviews with various b-roll shots (although we speculated they may have forced the b-roll to be made to match the dialogue, or vice-versa). Anyways, shows like these are strange views into some other types of people on Earth. Helps to keep you open-minded about how different people can be.

Daily Listening

Nicolas Jaar and a song with Minnesota in the name? How could I not like it.

Daily Reading

The Mysterious Island: Only read a few pages before passing out!