2022 03 13

I’ve had a very social weekend which is maybe a little different from my norm where I at least spend my mornings reading and drinking coffee. I suppose I lost out a bit on the mornings to sleeping in and daylight savings, but the weekend really flew by in a good way. Today was spent catching up with a friend I haven’t talked to in a while, which was very nice, and also prepping/hosting a small dinner party where I got to make a couple dishes in my wok. I think I’m slowly learning to use it more effectively! It’s starting to look a bit mean now as it turns black, which I think looks super cool. I need to get a better cleaning utensil cause I what I have is either too soft and can’t get the caked on stuff, or too abrasive and takes the seasoning layer off. I need something in between and supposedly a bamboo brush is a nice middle ground. I’ll have to see where I can get one.

It’s really nice hosting people for dinner parties and I look forward to eventually having a larger space to be able to host more people and arrange them better. My current apartment is a bit small for that! I would also love to have a kitchen that can fit more than 1 person comfortable so it is easier to chat as a larger group while doing the cooking (a nice thing about a wok is that the actually cooking is often very short).

Daily Listening

Just some classic Bossa Nova while prepping for the dinner party.

Daily Reading

Read a bit more of David Foster Wallace’s A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again. I really like his writing style! It actually reminds me a bit of Proust in how observational it is, just with a much more crass perspective (not a bad thing - Proust is definitely hard to read at times and not as fun as this).

Also read about as much as usual of The Mysterious Island. I think I can see how it is going to play out now, but I’ve been wrong on my predictions so far so I don’t have too much faith in this one!