Had another JCC 552 Fellows dinner with my other advisor. We’ve now filled the window next to our door enough so that people need to crouch if they want to see in the room or peer through the gap between the pictures and the door like the Velociraptor (what a great dinosaur name btw) in Jurassic Park (it’s pretty goofy and we’re all for it in here).

I actually want to elaborate on this tangent thought I had just now about the Velociraptor name being cool; do words become aesthetically cool themselves or because of the object they are attached to? Psithurism is a great word that is for “the sound of the wind through leaves”, which is also a great sound. I’m actually not sure I could come up with a word that has aesthetic beauty and does not, itself, refer to something that has some aesthetic value. This is interesting to me because it seems that our perception of an object influences our perception of its name as a word. A word that seemingly could have an aesthetic value beyond just what it represents. What is a word but a collection of shapes, and perhaps the shapes of the word have some aesthetic value as a whole.

Daily Listening

Random album that spotify recommended and was pretty good! The opening track in particular stands out to me for the orchestral parts.

Daily Reading

Just a bit more of The Mysterious Island.