2022 03 16

Had a good conversation with a friend where we talked about daily routines among other things. I liked his system where he had made a spreadsheet on a notebook page for the week that had the days as columns and rows as whether or not he had complete the goal + a little detail related to what he did to accomplish that goal. For example if it was read 20 pages a day then the entry might state what was read to do that. That way it becomes an active journal keeping clear record of what was done and not just whether or not it was done. I immediately made one for myself while we talked as I loved the idea so much, but I need to set aside some time to make some specific goals in addition to the two I know that I have - Journaling and Working out. I’m reminded that my theme for the year is sharing so I’m inclined to make this available in some way. Perhaps post a picture of it and the end of each week.

Another thing that we talked about was when you need to buy/build a space you want that space to suit your desires/needs. This means you need to know your desires/needs for a space. Most people will probably try to figure that out at the time of purchase (if they think about it at all) which may lead them to thinking of limited things since they are trying to recall what they use a space for. My friend had the great idea to just keep track of the things he is using his current spaces for. This then ensures an objective list of activities that are known to be used and desired and then can be optimized for when looking for a space. While this is probably a bit far in the future for me, I think it would be good to start listing so that I have a lot of time to build a really good list!

Daily Listening

A trip to the forest.

Daily Reading

Slowly but surely with The Mysterious Island.