2022 03 17

Been thinking more about this textbook/manifesto that I want to try and write about a new way to teach Computer Science as a proper Science as per the view of Alan Kay. I say manifesto now too because I think it is trying to purport a different way of viewing the field than what is typically currently done. I’m really starting to see the “narrow-mindedness” that he talks about. We do seem to have gotten “stuck” in the current paradigms of computing. There very well may be good reason for that, but it is not clear to me what those reasons are and why other avenues were not pursued (because surely many other avenues were considered). I don’t think this knowledge is clearly stored anywhere? At least to my knowledge it is not so far, so I think there is value in accumulating it and telling this story to help people see the potentially bigger picture of computing, and help us collectively make better computers that can enhance our capabilities. One last detail that suggests there are other computer designs with interesting capabilities: our brain can still do much more than any computer, and with significantly less power consumption! Surely there’s a paradigm shift here that could be major.

Daily Listening

Another nice electronic album that spotify recommended. The track Viewfinder is my favorite.

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No time to read 😱