2022 03 20

My sister and I drafted each of our “6 week plans” today inspired by a friend of mine. The goal of the plan is to understand better what our goals are and then to come up with concrete actions that we can track our progress towards each day. We made weekly spreadsheets where we can track whether or not we did each action each day, and also write a little bit about what we did (e.g. if its read for 30 minutes we would write down what we read). We also decided to do 2 week check ins on the plan to see if the actions are working and if we would like to change them at all. The point of 6 weeks is somewhat arbitrary and to provide a longish time frame to not need to re-plan, and the 2 week updates allow for lower effort incremental updates. Excited to see how it goes!

Daily Listening

Again did not listen to much as I spent time with the fam.

Daily Reading

One more chapter of The Mysterious Island, and a tiny bit of the David Foster Wallace David Lynch Keeps His Head.