2022 03 21

Went for a nice long walk and chatted with a friend who was remotely walking across the country - a good activity to do to stay connected while being remote! Its nice to have springtime weather coming that makes outdoor walks so much more enjoyable. Plus you get to see all the ways in which life restores itself to the environment after surviving the winter. Birds are far more plentiful, trees begin to bud, and a generic greenness starts to appear everywhere.

I’ve been thinking more about the relations of how design choices of creations influence how the creation is used and what is gotten from the creation. In particular I have thought about this in relation to physical spaces and computers as its fairly obvious how physical spaces influence how we live, and to a lesser extent how design choices about computers and their interfaces influence how we use them and what we get out of them. I’ve had things from the architecture theorist Christopher Alexander recommended to me from various places/people over the past four years and I hope to finally dive into some of that soon to get a better grasp of it and to have a better mental framework for it. I think that is so often the value of reading widely - just getting more and more mental frameworks to understand the world with.

Daily Listening

Really like this track of the Sweet Trip unreleased tracks album.

Daily Reading

Only half a chapter of The Mysterious Island, but it finally seems like the Mystery is to be revealed!