2022 03 23

For the first time in a very long while I had absolutely nothing scheduled or planned for myself and took the day to just read and relax. Started by journaling as usual and then read this Atlantic article that a friend sent me as he thought the “airplanes, operations/logistics and redundancy” aspects would appeal to me (and he was absolutely right!). An excerpt from a message I sent to him

I was imagining being one of the survivors of the initial attack and wondering what your thought process is. You know you can’t shoot back into the sky, nothing you have is capable of that. What do you do? Hide? Run? All options seem futile.

The awesome (as in the “inspiring great admiration, apprehension, or fear” definition) power of the technology at play here is truly terrifying. Especially for how detached all the American combatants can be except for the drone pilots that got to play “clean up” (how could you sleep comfortably doing their job!?). The article does a great job of presenting the POV of the american combatant so you can feel their detachment. I wish the article explained if this action had its intended overall strategic effect. All this sophistication just to ensure you could kill a reasonably large group of people.

Dark content of the article aside, I had a very pleasant rest of my day!

Daily Listening

This nice house/future funk track.

Daily Reading

A little more of seeing the mystery unraveled in The Mysterious Island, and also a chapter of The Embodied Mind which was interesting. It talked about how studies have shown that those who are more in touch with their bodies (measured as a proxy via ability to detect heart rate) often make better decisions, perform better, and endure things for longer. I think the causal relationship is probably a lot more complicated, but its an interesting piece of the puzzle.