2022 03 25

A colder wintery day up north meant for some good time reading inside. Watched some of the F1 practice sessions too since I’m on break. There was a light snowfall that I enjoyed watching form spooky looking patterns as it swirled across the lake. The clouds were of varied thickness too so we could the occasional brightness contrasted the dark parts of the clouds in cool ways. On a walk along a farm field we saw a bunch of swans chilling in ponds of water that formed from the snow runoff in the fields. They all took off as we walked towards them but really struggled in the harsh winds. Made me think that they only moved because we walked by them and I wonder how small interactions like that may snowball into larger happenings for them. They have to use energy to fly away and stay warm, and they hadn’t intended to move until we were by them, but I suppose its no different than any generic predator approaching them.

Daily Listening

A nice set of tracks that a friend shared.

Daily Reading

Some more of The Extended Mind and finally finished The Mysterious Island!