2022 03 27

Busy day so I’ll leave the reading section as my main thoughts of the day!

Daily Listening

Some songs that a friend shared with me along with The Planets by Holst.

Daily Reading

Read a bunch of The Extended Mind while on flight back to Boston. I think it has enough in it to justify owning a copy, and mainly for the references therein and the contextualization of them. I actually don’t find the book super rigorous or convincing in certain matters, but I still like its presentation and the potential of the ideas. It has so many references that I’d like to check out and I think there’s a lot of value still in a work that compiles them like this and provides a high level overview (even if infactual!) of how they interconnect. There is a lot that does resonate well with other intuitions I’ve had so I think there is a lot of merit to these ideas of how we get value from physical spaces and our extended environment in our tools and people we interact with.