2022 03 31

Busy day so see below for thoughts.

Daily Listening

Another rendition of Daphnis et Chloé conducted by the great Leonard Bernstein with the New York Philharmonic. Not sure if I have a preference between the two I’ve heard. I think the other one from the Berlin Philharmoniker felt more appropriate as the Bernstein one felt a bit… Americanized?

Daily Reading

Some more of The Rings of Saturn. Interesting musings about fishers that essentially lived and camped out on the east english coast, and then on the massive populations of herring and some scientific questions of whether or not they could survive out of water as they would always turn up dead in nets. The reason for this being rather that they would become ensnared in the net and die hours before being hauled in (or something like that). It’s great meandering reading to distract a brain before falling asleep although it can be pretty thought provoking and energizing as well.