We had a string of nice weather days and then when a friend and I went for a walk along the Charles we got blasted by wintery wind! The rapidly changing weather has provided some really pleasant skyscapes though so at least we had that to enjoy. Watching the patterns of the waves from the wind was enjoyable as well. I always think about how Monet does such a good job of capturing the impression of waves on our minds. Sparse signal recovery and some science about our visual cortex suggests that our minds can’t really hold the complexity of waves in our minds so its interesting to just watch its complexity in real time. I think a helpful exercise to understand this is to look at the water and then to turn around and try to draw it from memory. There’s no hope of doing it! But you can do your best to capture what your impression of the water was, as that’s what you’ll remember from it.

Daily Listening

Spotify has decided I should be listening to more Modern Jazz and I’m not opposed!

Daily Reading

Social day so no reading 😞