2022 04 06

I was thinking about, biking to the concert, what would happen if my phone died. Would I be able to find my way home? I was imagining getting lost on a whimsical adventure in which I would encounter all sorts of strange characters over the course of the night trying to get home or be taken off in Alice in Wonderland type twists where I end up in strange worlds. It’s a bit like the one off episode trope in TV shows where you learn more about a character by following them through a strange circumstance like this. Ted Lasso did this brilliantly with Coach Beard recently. Might be fun to try writing a short story about this sometime. In actuality the ride was very straightforward and I didn’t really need to use my phone at all to reference where I was going. A large part of this is that I’m just increasingly familiar with the area around here and can at least find landmarks pretty easily. But going on a whimsical adventure would have been fun!

Daily Listening

Spirit of the Beehive - but live! (I was standing right behind the person that filmed this so this is a pretty accurate pov of what I saw)

Daily Reading

No reading - just tired chilling after the concert.