2022 04 07

Watched the Twin Peaks pilot for the nth time with a friend. I’m astonished by how I still things even after having seen it so many times and how it helps me understand better the overall story that’s being told. I’m hoping to do a complete (my first) rewatch of the series now and I’m especially excited to see what I think of The Return now. I suspect I’ll like it a lot more now as usually Lynch content takes multiple viewings to fully appreciate. It’s also so cozy to be back in the world of Twin Peaks. It’s something that has brought me so much joy over the past few years. The donuts, the coffee, the misty clouds and beautiful douglas firs of the pacific northwest.

And if yoooooouuuuuu caaaaaaaaaan believe it, it’s a Friday once again!

Daily Listening

Still in the mood for Spirit of the Beehive so that’s what I listened to!

Daily Reading

A little bit of The Rings of Saturn. He talked about finding this Sailor’s Reading Room in Southwold, UK which is open 7am to midnight everyday except for Christmas (this no longer appears to be true). Few people visit and it is filled with sailing memorabilia among a lot of sailing documentation. Seems like it would be a pretty interesting place to visit and peruse their archival material to see what was preserved. Also impressed a place can exist and be open like that for so many hours! Must have some very dedicated people that run it.