2022 04 10

This formula 1 season has had quite an interesting start. It’s nice being a Mercedes fan to not have them dominating for once, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they find their stride and make it happen during this season or maybe next year. I believe they have the best team organization/culture and I think their dominance reflected that. What is interesting is whether or not the culture will survive and continue this long as these things tend to rise and fall as people in the organization leave. The test is how well your culture can survive these changes and continue.

Had great skyscapes yesterday - I need to setup a simple system of including images in these posts as that would really help tell a story of how the natural world influences my thoughts.

Daily Listening

I was listening to a “Chill Mix” from spotify and heard this Mac Miller song that I actually liked quite a bit - I never would have imagined that about myself, but I guess I never was actually open minded enough to consider listening to him.

Daily Reading

Read some of The Rings of Saturn before falling asleep. I didn’t realize that Joseph Conrad was Polish and that his family had a rather traumatic past in Russia with his family being exiled to Vologda - a city in northern russia with notorious bad climate and living conditions. I also learned that he was friends with Roger Casement who, himself, had quite an interesting history as well that I had never heard of.