2022 04 13

Been trying to work on my squat form more as the weights get heavier. Your spine can rotate near your pelvis if you go deep in your squat, which over time can create problems with your spine so in addition to giving you less power since the weight isn’t distributed effectively. So, you have two incentives to do it right which has been tricky to focus on when you can’t see exactly how your spine is shaped during your squat.

It was a super lovely day with highs in the seventies! Got lunch spontaneously at a pizza place we enjoy and ate outside. Been having more positive thoughts/mindset about my research so I’m working to capitalize on that and make it a self-reinforcing activity where I do more and then document my progress in a way that is clearly visible to me (experimenting with open notebooks I keep on my desk). This way by seeing what I have done I can more clearly position myself in the greater context of what I am hoping to achieve. Trying to take lessons from The Extended Mind in that our physical environment helps us to think better!

Daily Listening

A very Cocteau Twins type song from the same album as yesterday.

Daily Reading

A bit of The Rings of Saturn. We shifted from Chinese history back to Dunwich (which has quite literally been eroding into the sea for centuries - which is interesting because it would look static if you visited it any fixed point in time, but radically different probably even a year apart). I forgot how we got into this side story about the Chinese history and then recalled it was simply just because there was a railcar that was original for a chinese emperor (don’t recall the specific title) to reach their summer hom here.