2022 04 16

Trekked out to the Harvard arboretum since we had really nice weather during the day. On the way we both were in want of more tea so we stopped at Mem Tea in Davis Square and each got five bags; I’m looking forward to sharing my with my office mates as I’ve got a bunch of steepers now! We were pleasantly surprised by blooming cherry trees at the arboretum which seemed to be a really fortunate coincidence as they bloom for such a short period of time. It’s an aesthetic that I have always enjoyed a lot - perhaps because the Japanese art around cherry trees is so pretty. I have a Lego Bonsai Cherry Tree in my room that can have either regular green leaves or cherry blossoms and I leave it with the cherry blossoms for a perpetual bloom. Perhaps there is merit to changing it to have it blossom periodically from the green to appreciate it more.

We walked around Jamaica Plain and admired the really nice old and expensive houses along the hills of the area. We talked about how it feels like Jamaica Plain exists in its own little world that seems really nice to be in if your world is contained within it, but getting out of that world can be tricky (transportation wise it is a bit of an island to reach). We rewarded ourselves with some sushi from a place called Sweet Rice. We ordered enough to have it come out on a little sushi boat which is always an appreciated touch. Very good sushi and nice to have at the end of the day and satiate our hunger for the long trek back to Somerville.

Daily Listening

Listened to this fav album of mine while hammocking with a friend in the Harvard arboretum.

Daily Reading

I read a bit of Infinite Jest riding the subway and then managed a few pages of The Rings of Saturn before drifting off to sleep in the evening.