I flew around Peru with a friend in Microsoft Flight Simulator since my sister and brother-in-law are in Cusco and will be hiking to Machu Picchu. Flying around it made it clear how extremely crazy it is that it even exists; it is not like Neuschwanstein where it is built on an easily accessible hill. It’s on a ridgeline that is surrounded by very tall mountains! Also astonishing is how high the surrounding area is - much of it at or near 11,000 feet! Astonishing that people can live there. They must breath so easily when they come down to sea level (which is not that far west as the bird/plane flies). Microsoft Flight Simulator in VR continues to be a great joy. I remember dreaming about playing this game early in the pandemic while watching trailers and now here we are almost 2 years with the game. Very grateful for the many talented developers who made it a reality.

Daily Listening

I’ve had this observation with the two recent Tyler, The Creator albums where I find them ok when they first release, but then really come to like them some number of months later when I listen to them again. So I was enjoying CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST quite a lot.

Daily Reading

Read some Infinite Jest during the day and then some of The Rings of Saturn at before bed. Infinite Jest is tough to form opinions of. The best thing I think of describing it so far is Daniel Pinkwater for adults with Proustian level observances? The Rings of Saturn is really pleasant. Makes me want to go on a loosely directed walk and write down my observations and thoughts as I go about it.