2022 04 18

Been working on trying to work on the mindset of having more energy to doing more things each day. For years I’ve talked about many things that I would like the be doing - the languages I would like to speak, the music I would like to be able to make, the books I would like to read, the stories I would like to write, etc. The only thing holding me back from doing these things is myself and in particular my lack of habits that help to make doing these things automatic. I’ve been trying to find the right habit to get myself doing something musical each day. I think I have been too vague and have a goal this week of just playing a scale each day to get myself at least with fingers on the keys for a minute. I can slowly start to add on to these over time as the new ones become automatic. Habits can make you feel like you have more energy because you feel off if you don’t do them each day, and maybe that’s the trick. Maybe I have made too many habits that feed this loop of feeling lethargic. Hard to say for sure, but I know habits are the place to start.

Daily Listening

Heard this interesting take on a Bossa Nova classic.

Daily Reading

I started a book called On The Move; A Life by Oliver Sacks. My advisor had recommended it maybe two years ago as an enjoyable read plus as a way of seeing how one person sorted out what they wanted to be doing in their life and how they did it. I really flew through the first 30 pages and unfortunately had other things to get to, but I’m really looking forward to reading more of it. Reminds me how the right book can be so easy to read and also put you in a good mental state. I also read some more of The Rings of Saturn which continues to be great bedtime reading.