2022 04 19

It’s been quite nice to have leaves coming back on the trees around here. I’m really looking forward to being able to walk around without layers of clothing. To hear the sound of the wind through the leaves while reading a pleasant book in my hammock. It’s a nice perk of having seasons in that we can always look forward to the next change of activities as the weather changes. Changing seasons give us an externality to help change ourselves as we can associate past identities to different times connected to how the weather was. Island fever makes a lot more sense with this idea in mind as your daily weather is almost always the same. It will be hard to feel like a different person when you have little observable change in your environment. This is also why traveling is interesting; you are rapidly changing your environments which can allow for some rapid changes in yourself as your old habits are literally left in their old places and new ones are forced to be formed.

Daily Listening

This Nine Inch Nails song that was in Twin Peaks: The Return.

Daily Reading

A bit of both On The Move and The Rings of Saturn. These two travelogues plus the Tyler album Call Me If You Get Lost are definitely making me want to get out and see the world and document my travels!