2022 04 20

I’m helping my brother with strategy for this airline manager tycoon that he plays. Currently we are concerned with figuring out: given an airport that we own and various routes from that hub, what planes should we buy and how should we schedule them to maximize profit? I haven’t wrote up the formalisms of it yet, but it seems to be an actually quite hard two-level optimization problem where once you have decided what planes to buy you then need to decide how to schedule them optimally. It’s been so far just resting in the back of my mind while I’ve focused on other things, but it’s a neat problem! I’ll hopefully share a writeup about it more some time in the future. I feel like this is something that I would have no idea how to tackle if I wasn’t at my current level of mathematical ability so I’m glad I can at least understand how to setup the problem. I used to be interested in similar sorts of problems way back in highschool FIRST Robotics, so it’s fun to get a chance to work on them even if just for a game.

Daily Listening

This vaporwave album that features Boston on the cover.

Daily Reading

Bit of a busy day so I didn’t get to read at all.