2022 04 22

I’ve really been enjoying looking out my window each morning and watching the trees come to life as they all bud and spread their leaves. It’s a welcome symbol of the return of warmth and the ability to tread outside comfortably barefoot in sandals or crocs. The return to the time of idle lounging in a hammock and reading after a day of work. Of sitting at a table outside sharing a meal with friends. It is so nice to be greeted by the approach of summer. I shall miss this view dearly. At least our new office has an incredible view so I won’t be entirely deprived of such sights after moving.

Daily Listening

This series of three tracks (one two three) from the Ravel Ballet Daphnis et Chloé. All incredibly beautiful and filled with moments that just make your feel transported to another world. The first minute and a half of the second is such a wonderful build up. Not too rushed and not too slow. Simply magnificent.

Daily Reading

A good chunk of On The Move - I really love how explicit Oliver Sacks is about his journeys and how he got to the opportunities he had and how he thought about them. So many times you try to understand how a person came to be the way that they were and they try to romanticize their past without telling you how it actually was. Oliver does this and doesn’t shy away from the parts he is ashamed of. We need more people like Oliver.

I think I was a bit too tired to follow this episode I was reading in The Rings of Saturn, but it was a sort lost in time recollection of some people connected to The Troubles and how they would stay in these decaying buildings and slowly retreat into the last habitable places of the building. The house and people he stayed at with had advertised their B&B 10 years ago and he was only their second guest in all that time. One of the family members was building a boat with no prior shipbuilding experience or any intention of using it all. It was a strange world that these people inhabited. It made for some nice meditative before bed reading.