2022 04 23

Been exploring cappuccinos lately as a slight change from having just black coffee. I think I still prefer black coffee as the unadulterated taste is the best part to me. Any additive flavors seem to try and compensate for bad beans (which I can understand with bad bean, but seems wasteful of the bean’s natural flavor). Sometimes mixing things can help to accentuate flavors and perhaps a really good cappuccino does that (this exploration was started by having a pretty good one from Tamper cafe).

Daily Listening

Still vibing with Daphnis et Chloé.

Daily Reading

Read a bunch of On The Move while hammocking. His life continually fascinates me and how explicit he is about how he tells his story. He learned that he wasn’t meant for doing research work when he messed up and lost materials that had taken 10 months to gather. Makes me feel better about myself for not realizing my proper niche sooner as its hard to find your niche. He had so many interesting encounters with people which were largely intentional on his behalf. It’s also interesting just how much he wrote in journals. Definitely makes me feel like I’m on to something about bettering myself and my thinking by writing a lot and I’m trying to do more physical writing for the benefits discussed in The Extended Mind. There was also a cautionary tale about physical problems later in life from lifting weights beyond your body’s natural limits so I will need to be cognizant and careful to not overdo it as I explore strength training. I’m a few hundred pounds away from what they were lifting though so I’m not that concerned for the moment.

Also read some of The Rings of Saturn before falling asleep.