2022 04 24

A friend of mine hosted a brunch where she prepared all the food for it which was very nice and tasty. The gouda scones were a particular highlight for me; I had never known that you could have cheese in scones which was game changing for me. Nice to be able to sit outside with others and socialize. It still feels a bit alien because of the pandemic and its really strange to think that there was a time where we never even blinked at this thought of quarantine/lockdown/isolation. The pandemic has been steadily seeping into culture as it has now been going on long enough to appear in literature as other forms of media. This has been a strange part of getting older: seeing the events that we have lived through appear in the media we consume. When you are growing up it feels as if everything is in a form stasis. Everything is a certain way and that’s just how life us, but then you grow up and learn how dynamic the world is. It can be scary, but also empowering because we have the ability to chart our story in life.

Daily Listening

Been really enjoying triplets of songs lately. This is a spotify album rec that was a big hit for me and these three tracks have great transitions between them + some really great moments. I think the house vibe in Dawning of the Season is my favorite followed by its transition into Secrets (Your Fire) (one two three). This track at the end is also great.

Daily Reading

Busy social day so no reading 🙃