2022 04 25

Still feeling like I am busy all the time, but not spending time on the things that I would like to be doing. I think I need to remedy this by making a physical board that I see and interact with each day. The daily task tracking journal method is great for making sure I do certain things everyday and holding me accountable to that, but it inherently fails for things that I don’t intend to do every day, but still want to do. So perhaps I need one that operates at a weekly scale to ensure I make progress on these non-daily activities? I’ll try it.

Daily Listening

Besides playing one part from Daphnis et Chloe I just kept listening to this album. It’s like candy to my brain fo some reason so I’m just embracing that. Still can’t get over how good the transition from Dawning of the Season to Secrets (Your Fire) is.

They also have sick videos. This one is just goofy and fun, and this other one makes really really cool use of GANs. MAkes me want to try my hand at some neural art.

Daily Reading

Once again no reading for social reasons 😬