Set two new PRs today squatting: a partial squat (not fully deep) with 245 lbs and then I was able to do 4 reps of 225 lbs (maybe more impressive sounding if you consider that I’m 6’ 4” so I literally have more work to do in a very real physics sense). This was a big deal for me as it was being able to squat 2 45lb plates on either side of the barbell sine I started training in January. It was a really nice feeling to have finally achieved this goal that I had set for myself, and now improving feels less imposing. I have no intentions of lifting crazy heavy weights; this is more about getting strong and learning how to have the right mental state to deal with discomfort in the short term for longer term gain. I was reflecting on how earlier in my training I didn’t have the mental toughness about this that I now have; I used to fail squats because I didn’t have the confidence to make it, and now I have the ability to power through when it feels like I could fail, but in reality just requires me to focus more on where the weight is positioned and what muscles I am using in my body. It was really great to have this realization and notice this improvement about myself and I can only hope that it transfers to the other difficult things I want to do in my life.

Daily Listening

Some tracks a friend shared with me that I like: one two three.

Also a beautiful track from my discover weekly.

Daily Reading

Little bit more of The Rings of Saturn - I’ve only got about thirty pages left to go!