2022 05 01

Bit of a lazy Sunday which was nice. The weather was good again so I took the opportunity to hammock in a nearby spot I had been meaning to try. It turned out to be pretty good and I was able to get a few snoozes in while reading and I did some offline journaling for a change. Nice to have the warmer weather becoming ever more consistent, its surprising how much the changing of the seasons can improve your mood - I’m at least much more cognizant of it now.

Daily Listening

I think this was on a discover weekly playlist for me a while ago and I rediscovered it. Very pleasant.

Daily Reading

A good chunk of On The Move. The medical profession is strange in that they are so exposed to people going through traumatic health issues every day, and to cope with it they have to take on a detached air about it or seemingly risk going insane. It’s weird because you would want your doctor to have sympathy for you, and they do, but from a professional point of view where they won’t be traumatized if you die, but instead wonder what could have been done differently (if anything could have been done at all). I feel like I would like to bring this up with a doctor and hear their thoughts on it, but that might not be the best conversation to have as the patient of one. In any case I’m incredibly grateful for the medical community and all its advances as I am sure almost everyone has benefitted from it.