2022 05 12

Traveled back to Minnesota for my brother’s graduation. My travels to the airport were unusually pleasant as I had impeccable timing for each step; the red line arrived right as I walked up to the platform so I walked continuously onto the train and then was able to walk continuously onto the silver line bus that goes to the airport from South Station, and then there was no wait for security and I walked continuously through to the gate. Actually I detoured before I got to the gate to look at the big planes since I was in the international terminal and I enjoy looking at the big planes (a simple pleasure is looking at large industrial feats of engineering). I was fortunate to see the Hawaiian Airlines A330 that flies the longest domestic route in the US from Boston to Honolulu. They were running late and were doing maintenance on one of the engines; I watched them lift up both of the side panels to do something. I wasn’t sure if anyone was on the plane as the gate was completely quiet so I imagine they boarded the plane and then found something that needed to be looked at. I monitored the flight and saw that they did end up departing almost 2 hours late. It was nice to recall my flight to Hawai’i, also in an A330 but from Minneapolis, and to imagine the feelings of the passengers as they leave the busy world of the northeast to the more relaxed island life. I miss looking out at the ocean and thinking about how I’m just in this small isolated world on the island thousands of miles from anywhere else. A nice reflective head space.

Daily Listening

Here’s another future funk track I enjoyed of many more from this artist.

Daily Reading

Read a TON of On The Move during my travels back to Minnesota. I’m really inspired by all the people that he meets and how sincere their interactions are, which all stemmed from a desire to understand more about the world and how that knowledge can help to make it better. I’m especially interested to read books of Stephen Jay Gould as they became good friends and Oliver speaks highly of him (plus Stephen Jay Gould’s expertise is a hobbyist interest of mine!). It’s inspiring to me to want to reach out to people with shared interests and work as then you can have good connections with people you otherwise may not have. You just need to put yourself out there and be authentic. If it’s meant to be it will happen, and your life will be better off for it.